Aurali Welcomes You to the Otherworld!

Meet Aurali, a broken hearted faery whose dire warning on page one of Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge (SOTRB) welcomes you to the Otherworld–where the Light is quickly fading, and a great befalling has scarred the hearts of elves and faeries. Time is running out to discover the truth.Visit our Facebook page and blog on Wednesday, September 3rd, as we reveal glimpses of the mystery by introducing some of the most colorful characters to hit fantasy pages in eons. How many will we introduce? Only time will tell. All we say for now is — check back!

jrosestone@gmail.comAurali Welcomes You to the Otherworld!

Why I Write Fantasy by Jonah Rosestone

People need wonder so they can connect to something greater than themselves. Everyday life can be very disheartening. Many of us toil away at jobs we dislike, or at best we are indifferent towards. Certainly, a lucky few are on top of the world working their dream jobs, but for the rest of us commoners, we are where we are because our professions were thrust upon us, or because they were our only opportunities in life. When we are asked in job interviews why we have chosen our paths, we say, “I do this because I want to make a difference.” But, deep down inside many of us wonder if we really can. Fantasy allows us to vicariously be part …

Debbie HemleyWhy I Write Fantasy by Jonah Rosestone