Aurali Welcomes You to the Otherworld!

Meet Aurali, a broken hearted faery whose dire warning on page one of Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge (SOTRB) welcomes you to the Otherworld–where the Light is quickly fading, and a great befalling has scarred the hearts of elves and faeries. Time is running out to discover the truth.Visit our Facebook page and blog on Wednesday, September 3rd, as we reveal glimpses of the mystery by introducing some of the most colorful characters to hit fantasy pages in eons. How many will we introduce? Only time will tell. All we say for now is — check back!

jrosestone@gmail.comAurali Welcomes You to the Otherworld!

Why Women Like Fantasy

In the same way that men do, women read fantasy because they enjoy exciting stories set in imaginative places, with clever plot lines and intriguing characters. Women also read fantasy because they like to imagine a world where men and women relate to each other on a level playing field. For better and for worse, fantasy provides a way for us to see just how level the playing field is between men and women, as well as what needs to be improved. In an ideal world, men are still men, and women are still women, but instead of being adversaries when they relate to each other, they are allies. Instead of one sex succeeding at the expense of the other, …

jrosestone@gmail.comWhy Women Like Fantasy