SOTRB Releases Artwork from Forthcoming Fantasy Book Series

SOTRB has had a wonderfully eventful week with the artwork releases of Auralia, Baudwin, Steamway Toys, Kelven and Seamus.

Let us introduce you:

Aurali, a broken hearted faery whose dire warning on page one of Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge (SOTRB) welcomes you to the Otherworld–where the Light is quickly fading, and a great befalling has scarred the hearts of elves and faeries. Time is running out to discover the truth. 



Baudwin, the hero of our story, is a water faery from the hamlet of Deuona. Baudwin lives with his father and grandfather, helping to operate a dam that provides water to neighboring farms. He is a spirited, adventurous soul, with a brave heart and an important destiny he must grow into.

Behold the Steamway toys of the Fae! In our series there are many wondrous Elven gizmos, gadgets, and contraptions, and this collection is but a small preview of what is to come! In Baudwin’s spare time, he enjoys collecting Elven Steamway inventions and performing with his acrobatic troupe.

steamway toys

Kelven, Baudwin’s father, is quieter and more soft-spoken than his son, although he can also be quite stubborn when he and Baudwin get into disagreements. He works at the dam with Baudwin, and grinds grain at the family mill. He also helps to manage the affairs of the Water Guild.

Seamus, Baudwin’s grandfather, is bold, big-hearted and larger than life. Although he can be stuck in his ways, he is fiercely loyal to the traditions of the Water Guild. Our story begins with Seamus asking Baudwin for something special that he keeps in his room, so he can defend and uphold water faery gnàs, or custom.

And coming soon— more characters and our map, to give you a lay of the land.  Follow us on Facebook to see more images as they’re released!

SOTRB Releases Artwork from Forthcoming Fantasy Book Series

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