What is Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge?

Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge is a mythic adventure set in Tír na nÓg. The story centers around a cultural conflict between elves and their fealty to technology, and faeries who embrace the miracle of nature.  Caught in the middle is a water faery who goes on a quest to find his missing mother, and in doing so discovers that his real mission is much greater than he thought – he must reconcile the realm.

When does the book take place?

The story takes place in Tír na nÓg at a time between the ages called the Liminal year. Elves and faeries are struggling with the use of technology versus their adherence to traditional values. Steampunk elements collide with ancient wonders and old traditions.

How do you pronounce Tír na nÓg?

It is pronounced CHEER-na-NOHG. There will be a pronunciation table in the book for other words as well.

Why do you say “in Tír na nÓg” instead of “in the Tír na nÓg?”

This is a source of confusion at first, but the celtic word Tír na nÓg already contains “the” in it’s meaning. It’s redundant to say “the Tír na nÓg.” Don’t worry, after a few chapters you’ll be used to it and saying it that way in real life.

Who is the hero?

The hero is Baudwin, a water faery from the hamlet of Deuona. He is a spirited, adventurous soul with a brave heart, and an important destiny he cannot fathom. He lives with his father and grandfather helping to operate a dam that provides water to neighboring farms. In his spare time, he enjoys sand painting, collecting elven Steamway inventions, and performing with his acrobatic troupe.

Why did you write Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge?

We wanted to write a myth that contained a lesson about virtue that would enrich the lives of our readers. We feel that there is a line between revealing the darker side of human nature and wallowing in the shadow, and that a great deal of popular fiction blurs that line. People enjoy being uplifted, so why bog them down with homicidal drama? The saying goes: dying is easy and comedy is hard. We say, homicide is easy, and wonder is hard.

Why should I read Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge?

Well that’s entirely up to you, but if you are tired of crazy violence and heartless depravity that doesn’t take you anywhere, and you want to feel a renewed sense of believing in yourself and your fellow humans, then this may be the next adventure for you. At a minimum, you will experience a fresh take on Celtic mythology, painstakingly crafted over many years.

What secrets is the book hinting at?

You’ll have to read it to find out, but there are elemental, technical, cultural, and mystical mysteries to explore.

How does magic work in your book?

This is really best discovered for yourself. It’s not your typical hocus pocus, that’s for sure.

Where can I get a sample?

There will be a ten chapter sample when our Indiegogo launches, and that same sample will be available with online retailers afterwards. That’s about 90,000 words for free! Update: The Indiegogo is long over, but we will have a new sample when we publish.

How would you describe the writing style?

We call it, “Mythic Storybook.”

What is the target age group for the series?

The best age to start is twelve, but a smart ten year old could read it also. Because of the mythic resonance we expect that people of all ages will enjoy the series.

How many books will the series be when completed?

We plan on six books; two to a volume, so three volumes in total. This could change though.

How many pages will each book be?

We expect 200,000-300,000 words per book, so that comes to ~650 pages in hardback or ~1,000 in paperback depending.

Wow why so long?

When the elves and faeries started talking to us, they were upset that their story hadn’t been told as fully as they wanted. We just write what they tell us.

Do you think that’s too long for the target audience?

In short, no. With the success of Harry Potter it’s been proven that children enjoy getting lost in a long series. If we did our job right they won’t care about the length, and will crave more when it’s over.

Do you support DRM?

We don’t use DRM in our ebooks. TOR Books already got rid of DRM and they reported no discernible difference in sales afterwards. DRM can easily be circumvented, and we feel that underneath it all people are good and will pay for the hard work of artists – especially when it’s being channeled in a positive way. If someone wants to pirate our books they will, so why make it more difficult for the people paying us? There’s really no need for DRM. You bought it, so use it on whatever device(s) you own.

Where can I buy a copy?

The first book has yet to be released, but it should be available toward the end of Fall of 2015. We also have an Indiegogo for the series planned for early Fall of 2014. You can pledge to get a copy then, or if you prefer wait and it will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony and more.

What is your publishing company?

Our publisher is Magicworld Arts.

Can I get an actual printed version of the book?

Yes, it will be available in paperback and hardback at competitive rates.

Will there be a SOTRB movie?

If it’s a large enough hit, we will most likely pursue a movie deal of some kind. Or maybe better an animated series. Time will tell.

This world seems awesome! Is there a map?

Yes there is a map under production right now. When it is ready, it will be hosted on this site.