About the series

Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge is an epic myth that centers around a conflict, which has been building for thousands of years between two distinct, yet complimentary cultures. Both sides have very different ideas about how their world should be run. The hero of the story has to straddle the issue while he struggles to learn how to reconcile the realm.

The first is of the elves and their ingenious inventions, which are making life easier, but at a price no one understands. The elves prefer a written language that uses a modern alphabet. They are expert time keepers, highly competitive, and they run their affairs in a centralized hierarchy, with different orders that serve various functions within their society.

The second is of the faeries and their vivid imagination, which makes them one with wonder, despite the ever changing nature of the world around them. The faeries prefer a symbolic language that uses ancient glyphs. They know how to embrace the space around them, and they are highly cooperative. They conduct their affairs via a decentralized government, with different elemental guilds that serve various functions within their society.

The story is set in Tír na nÓg in a context that is fresh for the genre, leaving behind the usual tropes that accompany classic renditions of the Celtic Otherword. Although this rendition of Tír na nÓg may seem familiar at first, it quickly becomes obvious that new ground is being covered which should entertain and satisfy readers.

The first book will be out in Fall of 2018. We had an Indiegogo campaign in Fall of 2014.

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